The Niagara Region Anti-Racism Association (NRARA) is determined to tackle the issue of racism in the Niagara Region and beyond, in order to participate in the creation of a just and equal society.

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“Big thanks from NAC to the Niagara Anti-Racism Coalition, Erika Smith was engaging, informed, and generous as our moderator for a talk with Order of Canada recipient, artist, and activist Robert Small. All part of a day’s work for the NRARA in the push for rights, freedoms, and opportunities for all individuals living in Niagara.”
Stephen Remus, Director |Niagara Artists Centre

“Connecting with the Niagara Region Anti Racism Association has been an impactful experience for our church community. The presenters were willing to speak boldly and not shy away from challenging us, and while the content was wide-ranging it flowed well and was skillfully presented from both a base of researched knowledge and personal experience. Even in the process of first reaching out and planning the session together, the openness and engagement presented a clear message of invitation and welcome in digging into the challenging work of facing our blind spots and growing in anti-racism as ‘co-conspirators’!”
Nathan Dirks, Action Pastor | Southridge Community Church

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