How to Get Involved

We meet every other week over Zoom. To get involved in our campaigns and attend the general meetings please fill out the form below.

Meeting Guidelines:
This is a space where BIPOC people are planning Anti-Racism work which is rare in this area. In the past the behavior of some (but not all) of the white members has been a source of exhaustion for BIPOC members and so we have established the following guidelines for our meetings that people will be called out on:

  • Please be aware of how much space and “oxygen” you occupy. Please don’t say things just to take up “equal” space.
  • BIPOC voices lead these discussions. Be mindful of your input to ensure it does not derail the conversation.
  • Don’t invalidate BIPOC experiences or compare yours to theirs.
  • If what you are about to say could be racist but you’re not sure, e.g. it generalizes about BIPOC people or makes assumptions or invokes stereotypes, just don’t.

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